Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Fall colors and new name

After much thought I had decided to change my Facebook page name. I want it to reflect what I do-Expressive abstracts. I base a lot of my art on nature and my perception of my surroundings. I do use a mixture of materials and techniques in the creation of my work.
If anyone has any questions or would like to leave a comment please do so.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

So Long Summer

This painting began as a challenge. To work on one painting for fifteen days. Of course, it went beyond the fifteen days. At first it was a struggle to paint that long because I do not really paint that long on one painting.
So Long Summer
36 x 36 gallery wrapped canvas
Mixed media
$900 + shipping
After fighting with it, using colors I don't normally use, covering them back up, and just getting mad and making marks out of frustration, I finally hit a point I began to like it and the process. Mind you, I'll not do a fifteen day thing again. I just can't work that long on one piece, but I will definitely try to go beyond my comfort zone.

Here are some close up of some of the "sweet spots". And yes, there are some sparkle to the yellow because I threw in some white glitter for fun.

And I used my favorite mark maker, a gold oil stick.
materials-acrylic paint, canvas, oil sticks, spray paint, white glitter, pastel canyons, molding paste, gold leafing, black ink, white pen
techniques-layering, ripping away, drawing, collage, spraying, dripping paint
tools-brushes, spray bottle, molding paste, knife, fingers

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Paper painting experiment #5

This is # 5 in a series of experimental works where I am discovering my painting style or more of what I like to paint.

Here are some of the "sweet spots" of the painting.                         

And for a look at the development of the painting. Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4

Stage 5

The final piece

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Abstract on Paper: Storm Warning

The smell of honeysuckle and ozone heavy in the night air, the last ray of light of a summer day, a field of wild heather as far as one can see. These are what inspired this new painting, a 18 x 24 mixed media done on watercolor paper.
After I laid down the first layer I realized that I would lose the great effect I got with the water drops on the water color base, so I put a layer of mat medium over it to save it. That enabled me to put down fresh color without the risk of mixing the two colors. 
I also accidentally put color where I did not want it because I was not paying attention, but it actually worked. So I am adding this technique to my list of techniques to use.   

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Landscape Abstract-Burning Bushes on the Ridge

Burning Bushes on the Ridge
18 x 24 mixed media on canvas
$400 includes shipping

This was a work that I worked on all night. Then I just stared at it for days wondering what to call it when it dawned on me that it looked like a bunch of Burning Bushes grouped together. A lovely ornamental bush. I might plant some in my own yard. 

Title: Burning Bushes on the Ridge
Size: 18”x 24” mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas
Technique-wash painting, painting, sculpturing, dripping, mark making
Materials used-acrylic paint, molding paste, spray paint, gold oil stick, acrylic markers, oil pastels

Tools used-paint brushes, palette knife, markers, fingers, spray bottle