Some decisions

Last week I was given some good advice from a great selling artist and have decided to take said advice. I have decided to tighten in my online presence as an artist and close down some of the sites that I am on.  I just do not have the time to monitor my pages on them, look at other artists' works, and comment.  Honestly, I haven't been on many of them in years.
I have also decided concentrate on painting and trying to sell originals and getting into galleries, so I am closing down my print sites. I really haven't sold on those either. My work just does not lend itself well to prints. To much texture and "bling" in them. I rather have people own the real thing and I do offer smaller pieces at better prices.

I am hoping to have my house paid off by the end of the year at which time I am quitting my 40+hours six days a week job, getting something part time and just working on my art career. Some more decisions will be made then as well.

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