Dark Places

On one of the art forums I am on we were given an exercise to do a self portrait either literally or inner self portrait. As an abstract artist I choose to do an inner selfie. As I got to thinking about how I would proceed I took a deep look at myself and realized I had issues. Inner demons. I don't think I will ever address them as I have lived this long with them and have been able to function semi normally. They are just things I would not want to share, not even to a therapist. They are not that deadly.
As for the painting I choose to begin with a dark textured background to underscore the dark and scarred landscape of my inner self.
I used crackle medium to show the cracks in my exterior, red for the passionate me, pink for the girl that always wanted to be but could not, circles for my favorite shape, gold leaf, orange interference paint, and rhinestones to reflect the sparkle I have to enjoy life, John 3:16 and a cross for my faith, and the lyric from an Eagle's song that is me all the way. Yellow for my ability to laugh even when in pain and hurting. And running throughout the painting is a black barbed thread that represents my personal darkness. I know what it is and know one else needs to know.

We all have our own personal darkness, don't we?

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