Number six on my Love List is color. I love bright and bold color. In your face color. Color is what I use to catch the eyes of viewers. My main inspiration for color is Georgia O'Keefe. Her paintings are filled with bold juicy color.

These are the colors I use the most with some variations. I rarely use black, but a deep Prussian Blue instead. I guess I'm a primary color person.
                          My most favorite is the deep red. Red is my favorite color.

I also use quite a bit of metallics. I enjoy the richness they give to my work. An extra sparkle. I notice a lot of female artists use pink. Maybe too much of it. It has never been a go to color for me. I will use it if the painting calls for it, but not in a large quality. Maybe I should do a pink painting just to see if it strikes a nerve. 

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