The second word on my Love List was stone. I love stone. The different textures of it-rough or smooth, the ability to carve it, the permanence of it. It is timeless, unyielding, taking centuries to smooth it down. It is what the first artists used for background, carved into deities and spirits by early civilizations, made into astounding monuments, and used to make fences to have good neighbors. And stone comes in so many colors-light browns and grays to awesome deep reds and blacks. I also love gemstones. Those can be counted as stone on my list.

One of my favorite meditation objects is a nearly perfectly round river stone. It was gifted to me by a shaman. I swear sometimes I can feel a energy coming off it and it becomes warm to the touch. Another one is a heart shaped piece of rose quartz. I cannot even remember where it came from, but when I hold it I get a sense of peace.

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