Aelita Andre-child artist

I just watched this video of Aelita Andre, a child that was compared to Picasso and Dali. Certainly she makes lovely abstracts. I don't know which camp I fall in-the ones who praise her as a child prodigy or those who think she does not know what she is really doing. She seems to makes conscience decisions about what colors to use and mark making one minute, the next not. What I do see is a child who is having fun playing in paint. She has it on her clothes, on her hands and face, even in her hair. She practically is sitting on her surface while she paints it. I would love to be like that. Sitting on the floor playing with my paints (though I would need someone standing by to help me get up  :)  ).  So in 2015 I will strive to be more like a child while painting. Sometimes at least.

I would like to see where Aelita is as an artist twenty years from now. See if she kept up her love of playing in paint.

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